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Then while on vacation in Hawaii I pulled a muscle in my other knee as I got up from my beach towel that resulted in intense swelling and pain–it was a vacation killer that normally would have ruined a week. It took me 15 minutes to walk two blocks–I was crippled. Fortunately I had an extra supply of MaxOne with me and with ice and quadruple dosage of the glutathione accelerator, I was walking normally within 36 hrs–amazing–saved my vacation.

By now you might be wondering what glutathione is. Glutathione is a substance that exists naturally in every cell of your body. As noted earlier, it is the body’s major anti inflammatory agent. For more information Click here . You’ll see that for various reasons such as our exposure to pollution, it is diminished in our bodies as we grow older. But nevertheless, with a muscle sprain, your body even if it’s in tip top shape simply has insufficient glutathione to handle the strain.

This being a fact, you would think that you can simply go to the health food store and buy a glutathione supplement and that is definitely something you could do. However, if you spend a few minutes Googling glutathione as a supplement, you’ll find that because it is a large tri-peptide molecule much of it gets destroyed by the stomach. Additionally any that does happen to make it past the stomach is limited to being in the blood stream. It can not pass the blood barrier and get into the cells where the inflammation takes place.

The answer is to naturally boost your glutathione and this can only be done by a substance that serves to accelerate the production of intracellular glutathione—not by taking extra glutathione. A Japanese researcher, Herbert Nagasawa PhD, has recently discovered how to bond D-Ribose (a natural sugar) and L-Cysteine (a protein). The magic is in the bonding. If you took both substances individually, even though nutritionally beneficial, they do not substantially boost intracellular glutathione.

Again, this is because L-cysteine if unprotected, is largely destroyed in the stomach. However, in the bonded formulation both the D Ribose and the L-Cysteine make it past the stomach and into the cellular network. Inside the cell, D Ribose contributes to the formation of ATP (Adenosine triphosphate) which is the energy of the cell. ATP is the energy for the cell and keeps it functioning at its peak. The L-cysteine combines with two other substances (glutamic acid and glycine) to create glutathione which is the major anti inflammatory agent in the body—as stated above it is far more powerful than any other man made substance. Glutathione is also the most powerful antioxidant and the most powerful detoxifying agent known to man meaning it keeps your body from aging prematurely.

In a double blind cross over study after 60 days of boosting their glutathione subjects experienced 61% decrease in TNF. Tumor Necrosis Factor alpha is one of the three most significant markers of cellular inflammation.

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