Coffee Enema: Detoxification Method Part 1




Coffee Enemas

Coffee Enema Detoxification

What is a coffee enema? Why would anybody consider having one? How can it possibly cleanse your liver?
You might have a lot of questions running through your mind when you hear the term coffee enema. It seems like this is drinking your morning coffee from the wrong end. What could be the purpose of this bizarre behavior?

Well the reason people do this is as part of a liver detox. The procedure was invented by a doctor in Germany who was hoping it would turn out to be an effective treatment for cancer. Gerson therapy, developed by Dr. Max Gerson, has instead morphed into a treatment for fatty liver or liver detox procedure.
Liver detox is done to cleanse your system of toxic buildup from chemicals in your food, beverages and the air around you. These toxins don’t really have any business or use in our bodies and some are eliminated by the liver and kidneys. The poisonous substances are filtered by the liver and sent out through the intestinal tract. From there they are expelled when we use the bathroom. There are always some toxic materials left over, however, due to the sheer volume of toxic substances all around us. The body cannot keep up. The leftover poisons build up and begin to negatively affect our bodies and our health. In order to clear out the buildup, many people do a liver cleanse or detox.

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