Coffee Enema: Detoxification Method Part 2




Coffee Enemas

Coffee Enema Detoxification

Yes you can use a coffee enema for this purpose. It will encourage the liver to create more bile which will flush out more poisons. The caffeine will cause stimulation of the anus and the veins nearby so that you will get more (and quicker) absorption of the caffeine than you would from drinking it. Beneficial substances called palmitates in the coffee will aid the liver in flushing the poison-filled bile acid. Muscles will contract in reaction to the caffeine and the coffee will flow out of the colon, along with the bile and toxins during the enema.

If this process sounds a bit awkward, you might want to do it right at home. That way you can save money and maintain calm. You may get to like the effects of the enema and want to repeat it often and that could get pricey if you have it done professionally. Be careful not to get the coffee too hot. It must be at room temperature ideally or only a bit warmed. Err on the side of cooler temp if you are just trying this for the first time. Then you can experiment with a bit warmer coffee once you get the basics down.

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