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The tragic meltdown at Fukushima has raised our awareness about the dangers of radiation. Whether or not you are in direct danger of the nuclear fallout from Fukushima you need to be aware.

Here’s the deal…

Exposure to radiation is a common enough occurrence these days, especially since we are surrounded everywhere with electronic devices that are constantly emitting harmful radiation. Moreover, if you actually live near a nuclear facility or work with radioactive equipment, your exposure to radiation could be many times worse and you need to look for ways in which you can eliminate it from your body.

Radiation can be removed from your body through many natural methods and naturally occurring elements. Learning about these could mean the difference between good health and the possibility of facing diseases such as cancer.

In the light of recently occurring events, it becomes imperative that we hone up our knowledge on the different ways in which we can remove radiation from our body, or even try to eliminate it completely.

Now, when the winds from Japan are caring high amounts of radiation to US, it’s very important to stock up on the products below.

Iodine – One of the first diseases that can occur in people living near nuclear facilities that have faced a nuclear fallout is thyroid cancer. Potassium iodide, which is also known as the thyroid mineral can greatly help in preventing thyroid cancer as it can maintain the right balance of iodine in the thyroid. This compound also helps in the healthy functioning of the thyroid as a whole and protects it from both hyper and hypothyroidism.

Potassium iodide is FDA approved and available without prescription as well. You can also look at seaweed, which can prevent the occurrence of thyroid cancer, as a source of natural iodine.

Nascent iodine – Nascent iodine is more expensive than potassium iodide, but it is more palatable and high dosages of it can be given to even children. Experts recommend that iodine should be used to saturate the thyroid as this would make it strong enough to reject radioactive elements from entering the body. Before deciding on the dosage, it’s still recommended to consult a doctor

Spirulina – Spirulina is a super food that is derived from blue green algae and it has many health benefits. It is commonly used in various health drinks. People consume Spirulina for various reasons- to feel more rejuvenated, to strengthen the immune system or to detoxify the body.

Recent studies have indicated that Spirulina is also quite helpful in anti-radiation therapy and according to research that has been conducted with children in Chernobyl, Spirulina can also help as a medication for radiation poisoning. It can prevent the occurrence of diseases such as leukemia and help the body fight bacterial and viral infections. When taken orally, it can also help in removing barium from the body.

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