MCS Treatment Naturally Part 2



Multiple Chemical Sensitivity

MCS Treatment Naturally

Multiple Chemical Sensitivity Treatment

MCS Treatment Naturally

While you cannot control factors outside your home, you can always make your home MCS safe. Here are some tips:

1. Remove or seal off the fireplace in your home.
2. Eliminate tobacco smoke.
3. Keep your environment clean.
4. Use area rugs that are made out of natural material and do not have a stain resistant finish.
5. Remove all of the carpeting in your home.
6. Install an air filter or seal off ductwork.
7. Use an air exchanger to filter the air in your home.
8. Use furniture that is made out of solid wood.
9. Remove any man-made textiles in your home.
10. Remove any natural textiles that have chemical finishes on them.

While you are outside, these are some exposure areas that you should avoid:
1. New buildings
2. Clothing that has to be dry clean
3. Stores that sell leather products
4. People who are wearing perfume or cologne
5. Stores that sell seasonal merchandise
6. Moist or damp areas

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