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Multiple Chemical Sensitivity

MCS Treatment Naturally

Multiple Chemical Sensitivity Treatment

Multiple Chemical Sensitivity Treatment

Different treatment approaches for MCS have been described that parallel the proposed mechanisms. Treatment modalities that include avoidance of chemicals, megavitamins, restricted or rotation diets, provocation-neutralization, sauna detoxification, and psychiatric treatment have been suggested (Ziem, 1992; AAEM, 1992; Simon, 1992). The effectiveness of these treatments has not been demonstrated. Because the etiology of MCS is unknown, the primary goals of most physicians are aimed at relieving symptoms and improving function. With an absence of data from definitive clinical trials, no conclusions about the optimal choice of treatment modalities can currently be made. However, aggressive therapies of unproven benefit that are potentially harmful cannot be recommended.

Healthcare providers must recognize the fundamental obligation to “”First, do no harm.”” Ill persons must not be subjected to costly, time-consuming, ineffective, or dangerous therapeutic regimens. Caregivers must ensure that their treatment methods meet the standards of peer review and tests of efficacy, and offer reports on such treatment methods in the open and critically reviewed literature.

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